Thursday 16 August 2012

you have got to love 'american frosting'

well the order of the day was a
frosted walnut layer cake ...

you have got to admit a simple american frosting is not that simple if you are on the short side of life
but make do and mend as they say or
find a chair if all else fails!!

the cake is a simple sponge with chopped walnuts added.
there is three layers with frosting inbetween each layer then on top and round the sides
a few half walnuts on top to decorate.
the frosting is made by whisking ingredients in a bowl over a pan of hot water for 12-15 mins.

if you fancy a go at this recipe i got it out of the
mary berry's baking bible.
i bought it when i bought my mixer and
swore to do every recipe
so i am working through each one and putting a
tick next to them when they are baked...

so on the check list for today 
a tired arm ...check
messy kitchen ... check
a fab cake? ... well fingers crossed it looks ok...
if nothing else its one more tick in the book!!