Wednesday 19 December 2012

cross stich card project!!

here is a series of cards that have small cross stitched panels inserted into the card. these are relatively simple to do but do take a little more time so i will admit, i did do these throughout the year. although small these do mean something special the the person who receives them, knowing you have stitched them yourself!!

these particular kits were bought from hobbycraft but you can get them at any good hobby store, kits or stitching suppies online or patterns out of magazines.
not all kits come with cards (these didnt) but you can pick up aperture cards when buying your stitching supplies or you can simply make them if you have a die-cutting machine. i inked the edge to add definition you could also stamp a message or embellish as you wish. i have left my plain for now as i dont know who they will be for!!


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