Thursday 24 January 2019

sending love

  • hunky-dory 'gift of love...' foil topper sheet
  • patterned paper (found loose in my stash)
  • 6x4" card blank
This card was so quick and easy to make, it would be perfect for a beginner. The hunkydory foiled toppers always make your cards feel very professional too.
To make this card, I folded my card blank and creased the fold. I cut my patterned cardstock to fit the front of the card, then glued in place using double sided tape.
If you don’t feel confident you can place it perfectly, you can cut the patterned cardstock slightly bigger than your card front and glue in place. Then, turn your card over and using scissors trim to size, using the edge of the card blank as a guide.
After this, I added the toppers and used foam tape/squares to add dimension, to make it feel more special. I chose to raise the frame for this card. You can either glue the frame down, then add the image in flat after. Alternatively, you could place the frame in the centre of your card without any glue, allowing you to position and glue the image topper inside. Once in place, you remove the frame, add your foam tape and glue it down using your centre as the guide.
It really is that simple!

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