Tuesday 28 May 2013

fiery chilli jelly

well what an eventful day. i made chilli jelly and got slighty more heat than i planned...

2kg granulated sugar
500ml white wine vinegar
200g scotch bonnet chillies
1 large red pepper
250ml certo apple pectin

1. pour sugar and vinegar into preserving pan, over low heat (stirring frequently) dissolve sugar.
2. once dissolved, turn up heat and boil for 20 mins. until mix is syrupy & clear.
3. meanwhile, cut chillies and pepper in half and remove seeds. pulse in blender until finely chopped.
4. once sugar mix is ready add chilli mix and boil for a further 3 mins.
5. remove from heat and cool for 15 mins. then stir in certo, keep stirring until mixture thickens and chillis are suspended.
6. pour into clean sterilised jars. leave to cool, then seal tightly
!! if chillies rise to the top pour back into the pan and stir over low heat until suspended, then repeat step 6.

DO NOT let the jelly boil over during stage 4 ... i learnt the hard way that it sets on fire and makes a mess !! so please peeps go careful with this recipe and enjoy. (i cant say how mine turned out as i dont eat it, this one was for my sis and dad so they best like after all this drama and cleaning up!!) hopefully yours wont make flames like mine did, but with the scotch bonnet chillis i think it still deserves the label of fiery chilli jelly 

1 comment:

  1. be careful guys... this stuff is very hot !!
    I made it with a proportion of less hot, red chillies mixed with the scotch bonnets and it still has some heat to it according to my sister
    either use sparingly or pick less hot chillies x