Tuesday 24 March 2015


 For this tutorial Tuesday, I am sharing 3 different variations of the masking technique. Masking is basically the use of a material (I choose post-it notes but you can buy specialist materials) to shield a section of your paper or image from stamping.
Here is the video explaining how to stamp a background around an image.
skull with background, created using a mask over the skull.
You can also use masking to create the illusion of depth in one layer, as you can see below. This is done by using masks to protect each stamped image from the next one overlapping it.
overlapping flowers using masking
The third way to use a mask is to create an aperture in your card. If you are careful, you can cut the shape out with scissors or a knife, but it works best with dies or punches. This is a good technique to create layering on a flat sheet of card- perfect for posting !!
the mask
The first stage is to cut your shape out from a post-it note to create the mask.
after stamping
 Then position the mask onto your card and stamp. You will need to apply extra pressure as the post-it note is adding an extra layer. It helps to stamp on a softer surface like a mouse mat or stamping mat to compensate. If you don't, you wont get a crisp edge, or fill the aperture. When using a large stamp, you must be careful not to ink it all as your card wont be protected around the mask. When you lift the mask, you can see the result, with the example below.
the result

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