Tuesday 19 May 2015

embossing paste

embossing paste design on paper. 
For today's tutorial tuesday, I thought I would share another embossing technique. This uses embossing paste and a stencil to create a raised design onto your paper. This technique can be used on plain papers to add texture or a pattern, or on a subtly patterned paper like this one to add interest.

You will need embossing paste, a stencil, a palette knife or spatula, masking tape, a tub of warm soapy water and paper or cardstock. You must soak your tools and stencils straight away as the textured embossing paste dries onto them, so best to wash it off quickly using warm soapy water. The finished paper will need a few hours to dry naturally (i do mine overnight, to be sure) the thicker layer of paste the longer drying time. You can leave the paper with the paste as a finish or you can add glitter to create an extra special look. Watch the video below to see how to apply the paste...

close up of the embossed paste design with glitter
you can also use embossing paste without a stencil. I do this when I made christmas cards for snow. you simply use your spatula to apply paste straight to your cardstock, using a little at a time and spreading it as thick or thin as you want (remember the thicker the paste is the longer it needs to dry). once you have a layer you can also go over it using a patting motion, like making peaks of royal icing on a christmas cake. of course glitter is optional here too but does help to add a little festive cheer !!


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