Wednesday 27 May 2015


First of all, i will say sorry for the delay. I was at a wedding yesterday so sadly couldn't post my video. I will post a blog with my hand made fascinator in the next few days though...
card made with foiled edges and message
Now on with this weeks tutorial... today is foiling. I use the indigo blu products which you can buy from here. To see how it works, watch the video below ...
First, some top tips on keeping foiling supplies. I like to store  every thing I need to foil together. I store each colour of foil in a separate a5 storage box with its own scoochy. this makes it quicker, easier and less messy. it also means the flakes aren't clumped together (like they would be if you kept them in the original container), I find this makes them easier to apply. 
When I make a glue pad I use phat foam (similar to cut n dry foam). i cut the foam into smaller pieces, more like the size of an ink pad. I use a small amount of glue at a time and spread it across the foam as evenly as i can. i keep the glue pad upside down in a small container between stamping: then wash the foam out and leave it to dry naturally when i have finished foiling, so its ready to reuse next time.
to stamp: coat the image completely, i also find it best to quickly and firmly stamp your impression. remember it is a glue so clean your stamps thoroughly as soon as possible. 
i think that's everything... enjoy foiling!!
if you would like to suggest any more techniques or just liked this tutorial please comment below, thank you.

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