Tuesday 16 June 2015


ok, so I will admit I have a lot of glue!! I have my favourite ones that I use all the time and others I will just get out when I need a particular glue for that project.
  1. double sided tape tabs: pre-cut strips of double sided tape
  2. removable tape: used to hold dies in place & masking, with out damaging your cardstock
  3. hobby dots: small dot of glue used to stick embellishments, they are slightly raised and squishy. they are sold in different sizes 
  4. sticky spots: small spot of glue used to hold embellishments eg buttons. these are flat and come in different sizes
  5. micro dots: tiny dots that cover the entire surface of the tape, used to stick paper to paper. these are great if you need a bit of glue in a little area and don't like wet glue!!

  1. tape runners: different brands are available, in permanent and repositionable types. they are basically double sided tape without the backing to peel off
  2. hot glue gun: fast adhesion for embellishments etc.
  3. sticks for the glue gun: you can get different heat temperature sticks for specific materials
  4. silicone glue: good to add dimension and gives you wiggle time to line up decoupage
  5. glue pens: different types and brands available. a very controlled way to apply small amounts of glue to small areas. best to read the label and pick the one that suits your needs most
  1. glue sticks: different brands available... just check it is acid free!!
  2. lick and stick: a product used to make envelopes. apply it to where you want your seal to be, let it completely dry then its ready to lick and stick like a conventional envelope!!
  3. thick pva glue perfect for glitter
  4. standard pva: used most often to stick die cuts on to cards
  5. glossy accents: thick glue that self levels and dries to a clear high gloss finish, to add detail and dimension to your project
  6. clear wet glue: gives you a tiny bit of wiggle time

  1. foam pads/ squares: a piece of foam, cut to size with adhesive on both sides. there are many brands, sizes and depths available. depth- 1mm(great for postage), 2mm(a great all rounder), 3mm(easy way to get extra dimension). you can also get black foam pads for use with darker cardstock.
  2. foam tape: same idea as foam squares, instead of pre cut you cut it to your desired length (and width). this is great for shaker cards!!
  3. clear foam tape: so I know its not foam but its the easiest way to describe it. great if you don't really want to see the tape. 

  1. double sided sheets: full sheet of double sided adhesive. these can be cut as desired with scissors or dies.
  2. double sided tape: comes in different widths, from many brands. basically tear/cut off desired length, stick down, peel off the backing and stick your things together
  3. strong tape: stix 2 product, which is very sticky and a stronger adhesive than standard double sided tape
  4. finger lift tape: same as double sided tape but instead of the glue been edge to edge, there is a strip of backing either side without glue to make it easier to peel off. (this is more expensive than standard tape, so if you can peel the standard tape don't waste your money!!)
  5. red liner tape: clear double sided tape, comes in different widths. its a slightly thicker and stronger adhesive. best used for boxes, acetate and anything else that you think needs a bit more strength. the backing to this tape is a red film and tends to be very static.

i think that is everything. if i had to pick my top 5, i would choose:
  1. double sided tape
  2. foam pads & tape
  3. glossy accents
  4. red liner
  5. quickie glue
everyone is different, you just have to try and find out which types of glue you prefer. I hope this helps when you are next buying some glue...

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