Tuesday 30 July 2013

beach party!!

as promised, here are the pictures from a recent party. it was a joint celebration for my parents silver wedding anniversary and my sisters 21st!!

for mum & dad's (fruit) cakes I flat iced it, first in marzipan, then sugar paste. I added two colours of ribbon to the base of each tier. I then piped on the coral. I added flower paste shells, I made by pressing the paste into a chocolate mould, (bought at the cake decorating store.)

 for abbie's cake I made a topper with little beach huts. it was all made edible with sugar paste and brown sugar as sand.
pinwheels were bought from pipii.co.uk

ice-cream  cupcakes (which my dad loves... he thinks cupcake cases should be banned and only cones allowed!!) traditionally you would add a chocolate flake, but those are a little messy, so I think the chocolate wafer(from Tesco) was the perfect finishing touch for these.
these beach cupcakes use some brown sugar as sand a sugar paste towel and a paper drinks umbrella I got from asda
hope you like all the beach themed sweet ideas if you want any more details just leave a comment and ill help as much as I can...

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