Tuesday 28 April 2015

dry embossing

 For this tutorial Tuesday, I thought I would share alternative embossing techniques. These are two dry embossing techniques: machine embossing and hand embossing.
Above shows the stages of embossing using a machine. You will need to buy an embossing machine (the one above is a sizzix big shot). You will need to follow the instructions which come with your machine to select the appropriate plates to use with the embossing folder.
  1. materials you will need- embossing machine, the plates you will need, an embossing folder and some paper.
  2. place your paper inside the embossing folder and lay this onto your base plates. place your final plate on top to create a sandwich.
  3. run your sandwich through you embossing machine.
  4. take out your paper to reveal the embossed design.
You can also emboss by hand using a stencil and a ball tool. The stencils are usually made from metal and are designed specifically for dry embossing by hand. You will need to select your ball tool according to the stencil, making sure it is small enough to fit inside the gaps to capture the detail, but not so small it will pierce the paper. This can be done with normal paper or cardstock, (using a light box) or on parchment, (you can see the stencil without a light box).
  1. Materials you need- the light box, card, ball tool, stencil  and a candle or soap
  2. coat the back of the card with the wax or soap by firmly rubbing over the surface.
  3. following the stencil, gently rub the paper (wax side up) with the ball tool to emboss the spaces between or around the stencil. You can choose to do the whole design or sections.
  4. the embossed card with the stencil. I chose to create a frame by embossing only the outer egde of the stencil design.

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