Friday 21 December 2012

gingerbread house project!!

this is the gingerbread house that i baked and put together, before my cousin's lucy (6) and oliver (4) came to decorate it. it worked out great, they had a roof panel each to tile (with sprinkle covered chocolate buttons) stuck on with royal icing glue i piped on for them. then they moved on to the rest of the house and the characters. oliver even piped the gingerbread man, i think they both did a fabulous job!!
oliver's roof

lucy's roof

us all doing the roof
i bought the gingerbread house cutter set from lakelands and followed the recipe on the back of the pack. i halved the royal icing recipe and that was more than enough. it was a really good set but you do need to trim the pieces after baking. all the decorations and sweets are a personal choice and can be bought from any local supermarket or sweet shop.
the kids  will also get a suprise when they break it open because i put it all together this year before they came to decorate it, i have hidden a little something inside. i will give you blog readers a clue its a few of my little fella's from marks & spencers.
you can do your gingerbread house neater and i generally would have, but if you have children or children in the family its nice to let them have a go every now and then and projects like this are perfect.

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