Tuesday 10 March 2015

decoupage basics

For this tutorial Tuesday, I thought I would introduce you to decoupage. This is basically an image made up of lots of layers, with each layer taking away a section of the image until only the foreground is left. There are multiple forms of decoupage you can buy: die cut pieces (ready to pop out and assemble), multiple prints of an image you cut out yourself and homemade decoupage using stamps. For this tutorial I will begin with the pre-bought die cut decoupage. The pieces come on a sheet and pop out as you can see below.
the pieces

the layers
 You then simply assemble the layers from the largest up to the smallest. the pieces fit one on top of another, but unlike mat and layering you must ensure the pieces are directly on top of the lower layer so the image doesn't distort. I like to use foam pads, but you can also use silicone glue for more depth and the ability to shape the layers. On an image like this one, you don't really need to shape it, but something like a flower always looks better with a bit more form. With silicone glue, you also get some wiggle time, which can be useful as lining the pieces up perfectly is the key to a successful decoupage. Just remember that this adds weight to the card which can make postage expensive !!
finished easel card
I turned this spring time decoupage into an easel card, using the coordinating backing papers and a stamped sentiment inside.

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